You're Gonna Flip Over Chiavari Chairs

Posted by Blogger Chick on 8/23/2012 to Event Supplies

                You are going to flip over the Chiavari Chairs

 Many times chairs are the last thing on your mind when you are planning an event.  Yes they are a necessity but your creative juices are flowing in many other areas.  Well, do I have a surprise for you?  One of the best looking chairs on the market is the Chiavari Chairs.  They will add color, dimension, texture, and plain ole pizzazz to your decor.  They are a statement all by themselves. 

 What to consider when choosing Chiavari Chairs?  Event Supplies and More carries them in two different materials -- wood and resin.  Difference -- well, wood is wood and resin is plastic.  But looking at them it's hard to tell the difference.  So here is a little breakdown to help you decide which ones you will LOVE the best.

 Let's discuss wood first:



          * Black

          * Gold

          * Silver


          *Stackable - 8 high

          *Shipped fully assembled,

          *Constructed of Beech wood

          *Reinforced stress points give greater stability & safety

          *2 year warranty


          *Seat Size:  15.875" W x 15.5" D

            * Back Size: 14.75" W x 19.25" H

          * Seat Height: 17.5" H

          * Overall Width: 16" W

          * Overall Depth: 18.25" D

          * Overall Height: 35" H

 Ok next let's discuss resin.


          * Crystal Clear

          * White

          * Black

          * Gold

          * Silver

          * Mahogany


          * Stackable -8 high

          * Constructed of ultra-strong polycarbonate

          * UV treated paint finish resistant to fading and discoloration

          * Non stick, anti static finish

          * 5 year warranty of frame


          * Seat Size:  15.5" W x 16" D

          * Back Size: 15" W x 19" H

          * Seat Height: 18" H

          * Overall Width: 16.5" W

          * Overall Depth: 18.5" D

          * Overall Height: 35.75" H

          * Weight Capacity: 1000 Pounds

So, hopefully after doing your research, you will LOVE them just as I do.  After all, all chairs are not created equal!


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