When is a Vase a Vahz?

Posted by Blogger Chick on 7/2/2012 to Wedding Supplies
You say vase, I say Vahz and the only difference is that my word sounds fancy and insinuates that what I have is more stylish than what you have -- or so I think. When it comes to vases let's be honest, it's what's in them that makes them simple or elegant. You can choose Tower Vases and place one flower inside for simplicity or use ostrich feathers, a floral arrangement, floral lights, etc. for a WOW factor. 

Eiffel Tower vases are the high end of vases because they are hand blown and available in three different sizes: 
**24" -- We recommend this height to keep your centerpiece from being in the line of vision for each guest. 

They are available in clear and white and the 24" mouth opening is large enough to hold floral lights. 

The Trumpet Vase is one of our more popular vases since it comes in four different styles: 
**Flared out Trumpet 
**Hurricane Trumpet 
**Wedding Trumpet 

Each has a different shape and different size opening which will help you as you consider what you want to fill them with. They are offered in different sizes and colors as well -- 




So, when you think Vase, think Vahz and use the word when discussing your decor with your guests. They will think you are really sophisticated -- or slightly crazy. Either way it will be a conversation starter. 

 Blogger Chick