Sparkle Crystal Ball Candle Stand - 21"

Sparkle Crystal Ball Candle Stand - 21"

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Sparkle Crystal Ball Candle Stand - 21"

Mesmerize your guests by using a beautiful Sparkle Crystal Ball Candle Stand.  It has the perfect combination of elegance and shine which will capture your audience. These beautiful crystal centerpieces are spectacular when you have a candle illuminating from inside the crystal ball.  The cut glass will allow the light to literally dance around your table. Many event planners are looking for Wedding Reception Centerpieces that provide the WOW factor and this Candle Stand will not disappoint.



~Nickel Plated Metal – Non Tarnish

~Glass Crystals

~Designed to hold a 3” Pillar Candle (Perfect for using our 3” Flameless Led Candles)


Size Choices:

~6 ½” diameter x 21” Tall

~6 ½” diameter x 23” Tall

~6 ½” diameter x 25” Tall


Great For:

~Event Planners


~Home Decor

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