Nikki Candelabra - Making a Statement

Posted by Blogger Chick on 7/17/2012 to Wedding Supplies
Nikki Candelabra -- Making a Statement 

When you think of Candelabras you usually think of something quite regal. But when planning a special event, you can make your guest think you have spent a fortune without actually doing so by using tabletop candelabras purchased at 

Top 4 things to consider when purchasing a candelabra: 

1. Color -- (different colors tend to dress up you event) 

2. Size (depending on where the candelabra will be placed) 

3. Size of bobeche (pronounced bo bash - which is the glass collar on candle socket)   

4. Flower plate or center candle 
The center of the candelabra can either be a candle or a plate where you have the option of placing anything from a floral piece to anything decorative that would tie into your theme. 

Because candelabras are almost always associated with events, we don't consider buying them for our own personal use. However, I recently read about a couple who were entertaining guests at their home and used 4 candelabras for a table that seated 20. They added a few globe candle holders between the candelabras and the lighting was enough that no other light was needed. The guests described the night as magically which was largely due to the candelabras. What a simple and elegant yet personal way to entertain at your home. 

So ladies and gents candelabra's aren't just for expensive events anymore. Invest in a few and make your simple dinners cozy by letting your candles light up your room.  

Don't say I didn't tell you so!!! 

Blogger Chick