I went to the store to buy a candle holder.

Posted by Blogger Chick on 7/31/2012 to Event Supplies
I went to the store to buy a candle holder. They didn't have one so I got a cake." a_blank_mind ~Mitch Hedberg Quotes 

Random, but now you know what entertains me. :)) But, back to candle holders. Where to start, what to buy, how to use?? So many questions but let's break it down and make it easier. 

Three different styles of candle holders and specifics about each: 

1. Glass Candle Holders. There are two basic styles: 

1) Glass Pedestal -- the candle holder is clear smooth glass and comes in 3 sizes --      12", 14" & 16". 

2) London Pedestal -- the candle holder is beveled glass and it comes in two sizes -- 16"x20", 16"x22" 

2. Metal Candle Holders. There are five basic styles: 

1) Pavilion Sleek -- this is a beautiful round sleek metal votive/vase. Sizes -- 2.5"x2", 2.5"x4" & 2.5"x6". 

2) Century Lantern/Vase -- this unique piece can used as a lantern or a vase. Sizes -- 5"x4.75" & 5.5"x10.5". 

3) Gold Moretti Candelabra -- this beautiful tabletop candelabra is perfect for elegant settings. Sizes -- 11"x12", 14"x24.5"& 18"x40". 

4) Metal Tree Centerpiece -- this trendy piece is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in or simple light up your outdoor setting. It is 25"x45.5". 

5) Polished Aluminum -- these elegant pieces come in sets of three and are perfect for any setting. Sizes -- 10", 12" & 14". 

3. Crystal Candle Holders. There are three basic styles and are all nickel plated with glass crystals: 

1) Sparkle Crystal Ball -- you will WOW your guest with these crystal balls which come in three sizes -- 21", 23" & 25". 

2) Sparkle Crystal Tea Light Candle Holder -- this is my absolute favorite. Their sizes are 9.5", 10.5" & 12".

3) 3 Light Low Crystal Candelabra -- this unique piece is a perfect blend of sparkle and elegance and stands 8.5" high. 

So as you can see, the sky is the limit -- another words, you can have your cake and eat it too. And while you are eating cake, visit us at www.eventsuppliesandmore.com for all your candle holder needs. 

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