How To Receive a Freight Shipment

Posted by ESM on 8/20/2012
How to receive a freight shipment 

At the Event Supplies and More, many of the products that we sell require a freight carrier to deliver your shipment. There are a couple of reasons for this: 
*Height and Weight Limitations with UPS or FEDEX 
*Larger quantities (bulk orders) of a product become cheaper when all boxes are loaded onto a pallet and put on a truck with a flat rate shipping charge. The larger the order and the more of the truck you fill, the cheaper the shipping charges are. 

Which products can you expect to receive by a freight carrier? 
*Folding Tables 
*Folding and Stacking Chairs 
*Over-sized Vases 
*Over-sized Tabletop Candelabra 
*Wedding Arches and Colonnades 
*Plastic Wedding Columns ordered in quantity or columns over 6ft tall 
*Any Bulk Order that becomes cheaper to load onto a pallet instead of shipping loose boxes 

What is the correct way to receive your shipment? 
*When placing your order, please consider delivering to a commercial address that has a dock. It is always more expensive to deliver to a residential address, school or church. 
*After your order is placed, get your tracking information so that you can prepare to receive the shipment. You can always call the terminal to find out what day and an approximate time the delivery will be made. 
*Plan to be present when the shipment arrives. Suppose you are planning on receiving 500 chiavari chairs, try to recruit someone (or a few people) to be there with you to receive the boxes. 
*Take the time to open every box and inspect the contents of the box. Note any products that appear to be damaged in any way and point them out to the driver so that he can make a note of it on the Bill of Lading. 
*Do not let the driver leave until every box is opened and every item is inspected. 
*Do not sign off on the Bill of Lading that everything is received in good condition if you see any sign of damage. If you sign off that everything arrived in good condition then you will not have any recourse with the freight company and will not be compensated for the damages.
*If you do find damage, make sure the driver notes the damage. Take pictures of the damage. Then contact Event Supplies and More.