Floor Candelabra

Posted by Blogger Chick on 10/2/2012 to Wedding Supplies

The word candelabra can bring to mind different things to different people. For me, apparently because I’m random, it brings to mind Liberace. Why? I have no idea. I just picture him sitting at the piano with a candelabra on his piano, large rings on his fingers as he plays amazing music. 

Now, let’s get back to candelabras that you will want to purchase for your next party or event. There are two main types of candelabra’s – tabletop and floor. Event Supplies and More has amazing prices and a large selection. Let’s break down the different types available. 

1. Tree Floor Candelabra 
  •  13, 9 or 5 light pillar 
  •  13, 9 or 5 light teardrop 
  •  13, 9 or 5 light traditional 

2. Fan Floor Candelabra 
  •  15, 7 or 5 light fan 
  •  15, 7 or 5 light fan teardrop 
  •  15, 7 or 5 light spiral 
  •  7 light adjustable

With the Tree or Fan candelabra you can purchase ones that use pillar candles or tapered candles. Both types are equally beautiful but have a very different look. 

3. Crystal Ball Candelabra – My Favorite! 

The Crystal Ball Candelabra is beautiful. It is an 18” diameter Crystal Ball that holds a pillar candle. It’s measurements are 8” W x 18” D with adjustable height of 56” to 80”. It weighs only 17 lbs. so it is easy to transport or store. Most weddings use traditional candelabras as a unity candle, however, the crystal ball candelabra can be used as part of the décor. It is simply stunning. Each piece of crystal captures light and simple sparkles like diamonds. 

So, whether you are a traditional or modern decorator, we have the candelabra for you. Candles and crystals are a girl’s best friend – well, next to diamonds and chocolate.