Do you prefer napkin rings or creatively folded napkins?

Posted by Blogger Chick on 11/6/2012 to Event Supplies

Do you prefer napkin rings or creatively folded napkins? 


We always hear that it’s the little things. I think they are right – whoever they are. When planning an event whether it’s a personal dinner party, company event, wedding, etc., one of your essential tools will be cloth napkins. 


It’s kind of hard to have food without napkins. So, what do you prefer-- napkins creatively folded or napkin rings? I love the uniqueness of folded linen napkins but if your event includes a large number of peole you might not have time to fold napkins. At this point you will want to consider napkin rings. has a large variety of wholesale event napkin rings that are perfect for any occasion. 


  1. Dazzle leaf 
  2. Diamond ring design 
  3. Hammered stainless steel 
  4. Oval silver plated beaded 
  5. Round silver plated beaded 
  6. Silver plated white glitter 
  7. Rings with chatons 


You can also choose from different napkins. Here are your choices: 


  1. 20" x 20" pintuck / polyester double napkin 
  2. 20" x 20" pintuck napkin 
  3. 20" x 20" shimmer crease / polyester double napkin 
  4. Satin napkin - choice of color and size 
  5. Polyester napkin – choice of color and size 


Number 4 & 5 has two different sizes: 17 x 17 or 20 x 20. They also come in over 50 different colors. 


So now that there is a nip in the air, if you’re planning an event or just having guests over for dinner, let your table make a statement. Remember, it’s the little things. 


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