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Posted by ESM on 8/15/2012 is where science and art break even.-- Robin Mathew 

One of the most important details to any event is choosing folding chairs. Most but not all have some seating available for guests. Wedding chairs are one of the things that you can cover to pull in your color scheme or capture the mood of the event. Anything from satin to whimsical, you can find at You don't necessarily want your chairs to stand out, but you do want them to make a statement -- and last but certainly not least -- they must be comfortable. 

Today I want to discuss the beauty of using wooden or resin folding chairs. 

Wooden Chairs 

1. Comes in Four colors 
1) White 
2) Black 
3) Natural 
4) Mahogany 

2. Chair description 
1) lightweight (10lbs) 
2) easily stacked for moving and storage 
3) usable indoor or outdoor 
4) removable vinyl padding which is waterproof 
*5) clear lacquer varnish 
*6) Beech wood construction 
*7) joints secured with nail and glue 

3. Chair Dimensions 
1) Seat Size: 15.25" W x 14.25" D 
2) Back Size: 17.5" W x 14" H 
3) Seat Height: 17.75" H 
4) Overall Width: 17.75" W 
5) Overall Depth: 18.5" D 
6) Overall Height: 30.75 

 Resin Chairs 
1. Comes in two colors 
1) White 
2) Black 

2. Chair description 
All the same as Wooden chairs except #5, 6 & 7. 
5) Anti-static 
6) Premium resin constructed 
7) Aluminum hardware 

3. Chair dimensions 
1) Seat Size: 15.5" W x 13.75" D 
2) Back Size: 17.5" W x 15" H 
3) Seat Height: 18.5" H 
4) Overall Width: 17.5" W 
5) Overall Depth: 18" D 
6) Overall Height: 30.75" H 

But how do you choose between Wooden Folding Chair and Resin Folding Chair you ask. Well here's the skinny: 

Resin is more resistant to impact, durable, and hides scratches well since it is the same color all the way through. 
Resin is 100% UV protected so they will not fade under the sun if used frequently. Wood is slightly lighter. 
Wood is more of a crowd pleaser for traditional guests because it has the feel of real wood - duh, cause it is. 
Wood comes in more colors. 

So, take the time to not only pick out your seat but cover it well. You've heard of covering your own arse haven't you?? 

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