Decorative Chargers - How to Use

Posted by Blogger Chick on 10/19/2012 to Event Supplies
Decorative Chargers - How to Use

For some reason I associate decorating my dining room table with fall weather – don’t know why. But, fall hits and I decorate my front porch and my dining room table – is that normal? Anyway, I have recently discovered that wholesale charger plates come in many shapes, sizes and materials and can be used on your dining room table or as decorative plates on the wall or coffee table. I was browsing through recently and was surprised at how many different service plates they had available. What kind you ask? O.k., let me list them for you. 

Round Charger Plates 

Plastic Charger Plates 
1. Brown Floral 
2. Brown 
3. Gold Beaded 
4. Gold Fluted 
5. Silver Fluted 
6. Dentiled Platinum 
7. Embossed Silver Floral 
8. Faux Leather Gold (One of my Favorites!) 
9. Gold 
10. Silver 
11. White / Gold, White/ Silver and White/ Platinum 
12. Natural Rattan
13. Red (Love this one too!) 
14. Dark Brown Weave 
15. Wood Grain B. 

Glass Charger Plates 
16. Gold luster or platinum luster 
17. Gold band or silver band 
18. Gold beads or silver beads 
19. Ray design with gold rim or silver rim 
20. Rope gold or silver 

Metal Charger Plates 
21. Silver plated with gold beads or silver beads 
22. Stainless steel – 12” & 13” 
23. Stainless steel hammered 
24. Chrome Plated 

Square Plastic Charger Plates 
1. Gold 
2. Gold and white, Silver and white or Platinum and white 
3. Dark Brown Weave 

O.k., so really there are that many different styles, designs, colors. Who knew?? So for your next event, visit and start decorating your dinnerware with our Under Plates.