Columns; Greek/Roman or Modern Day??

Posted by Blogger Chick on 9/21/2012 to Event Supplies

Columns - Greek/Roman or modern day??

Columns remind me of Greece and Rome but are currently being used in weddings and events here in the good ole USA.  There are two basic styles that are sold at and they are very different.

The first one is the open metal columns and can be used alone or as an accent to your metal arches.  They come in brass or nickel, white and onyx bronze finishes and have a protective coating which keep them preserved and shining for years of use.  They are 38 inches tall and lightweight for ease of use and storage.  You will also find crystal metal columns for those who are looking for a little bling!

The second columns are called roman wedding columns and come in a white finish which can also be painted.  They have a small hole for power cords for lighting purposes and are perfect for use indoor and outdoor.

They come in several different sizes/weights:

1) 30" x 11.25" 6 lbs

2) 48" x 11.25" 8lbs

3) 72" x 11.25" 12 lbs

4) 96" x 11.25" 16 lbs

You can use the same size columns to line your aisle with a floral arrangement on top or create a backdrop by using different sizes and drapping sheer fabric attaching each column.  They can also be used with arches to create a beautiful archway that the bride comes through or the bride and groom stand under as they say their vows.

Many photographers use these columns to create beautiful backdrops for their clients.  They can also be used at events to separate areas within a large room to create smaller sections for food, drinks, etc.

As you can see these columns can be used in many different ways and in many different events.  They are sold at a great price at and they carry many items that can be used along with these beautiful columns.

So get out there and bring a little bit of rome to your event!!


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