Cake Plates and Plateaus

Posted by BLOGGER CHICK on 10/24/2012 to Wedding Supplies

                           Cake Plates & Plateaus!

Let’s be honest, the most important cake fact is how a cake tastes followed by a close second of how it looks.  However, you can increase the wow factor greatly by the cake plateau you place it upon.  Years ago there were basic clear glass cake plates which gave the cake height but not much else.  Today, there are so many selections ( wholesale cake plateaus.  Some are basic but many are multi-layered and made of different materials.  Such as:

1.          Nickel

2.          Gold

3.          Polished aluminum

 the styles are very different as well:

1.          Round

2.          Square

3.          Multi layered

4.          Decorated with crystals on the edges

5.          Different heights to create optical illusions

Weddings especially have become an event where the dessert table is not just a table but a work of art.  You won’t find many receptions with cake, nuts and mints anymore.  The tables will itself become part of the décor.  Wedding cake stands are almost always a part of this work of art these days. So, get out there and find a way to present your beautiful cakes.  Every event planner wants people to be talking about their décor the day after!

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