All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

Posted by Blogger Chick on 7/20/2012 to Event Supplies
All that glitters is not gold! 

Three decorative ways to use CRYSTAL CENTERPIECES 

Although there are a multitude of ways to incorporate Crystal into your event decor, we have highlighted three main crystal centerpieces to show how easy it is to make your event glitter and sparkle. 

1. Crystal Tabletop Tree -- This simple display is easy to assemble and brings added dimension and texture to your tables. The crystal serves as a light catcher and will create an amazing light reflective feature to any area. It comes in two sizes -- 21" and 37". 

2. Sparkle Crystal Ball Candle Stand -- This elegant piece is made to hold a 3" candle -- and is a perfect place to use our flameless LED candles. It is non tarnish, nickel plated with glass crystals. This piece also serves as a light catcher and will dress up any table with its elegant crystal ball. It comes in three different sizes which look great in groups of twos or threes -- 21", 23" & 25". 

3. Crystal Tabletop Chandeliers -- What can I say except these chandelier centerpieces are simple amazing. They bring the word elegance to a whole new level. 
There are four different styles 

1. Marilyn 
2. Audrey 
3. Natalie 
4. Tiffany 

Each chandelier set comes with the following: 
 * 6, Crystal Chandelier Tops 
 * 6, 24" Clear Trumpet Vases 
 * Clear Crystal Water Pearls 
 * 48 Clear Submersible Floral Lights 

So get those creative juices flowing and bring out the Crystal. Diamonds are a girl's best friend -- but Crystal is always our BFF!! 

Blogger Chick