24" Hexagon Combo GrillPardner
24" Hexagon Combo GrillPardner

24" Hexagon Combo GrillPardner

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24" Hexagon Combo GrillPardner

Size: 24" x 8.5" high

Each GrillPardner is made of sheet metal produced in the USA. The top plate and rings are 1/4" steel, with the base and sides comprised of durable 10 gauge steel.

Top plate will reach a heat of about 200+ degrees with 3-4 Sterno in the base. This temperature will increase with more Sterno, on an average of 185-200 degrees per additional Sterno, becoming hot enough to cook raw protein at around 550 degrees (5 Sterno).

Durable * Portable * Timeless Design * Great for Sushi or-Stir Fry * Versatile * Lasts a Lifetime * Essential * A Must Have for Every Caterer * The Star of Live Action Stations! * Virtually Indestructible * Great for any Cuisine * Perfect for Hot, Warm or Cold Applications * Easy to Clean * Stackable * You'll Love It!

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